Why join the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers?

A Proven Track Record
ANFRC has existed since 2000 with many of its members existing even longer than the Network.  During these fifteen years we have built relationships across the state as a result of supporting our partners and serving our communities.  Through much hard work ANFRC has developed an excellent reputation.

A commitment to accountability ensures trust.  It allows both funders and the communities we serve to know that we are committed to excellence.  Accountability is provided through twenty-five standards that were enacted by the Alabama Legislature and through peer reviews provided by members of ANFRC.

The twenty-five standards provide more than accountability. they also offer a common identity.  The relationships developed through membership are invaluable.  These mutually beneficial friendships provide support that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Supports could include website design, data collection assistance, and trainings on particular issues and needs. While Funders provide their own technical support, ANFRC through these relationships provide yet an additional layer of supports.