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Why do you want your local family service center to be a part of the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers?

ANFRC has existed since 2000 with many of its members existing even longer than the Network.   Through much hard work ANFRC and its members have developed an excellent reputation throughout the state.  When you see the ANFRC logo at your local center, you know that center is connected with others throughout the state.

Accountability is provided through twenty-five standards that were enacted by the Alabama Legislature and through peer reviews provided by members of ANFRC.  Members have to prove every two years that they are adhering to the twenty-five legislated standards and through on-site peer reviews.

People appreciate transparency. When you see the ANFRC logo at your local center, you will know that with that logo comes additional trainings for your Center and other supports provided by all the members of ANFRC.  Our goal is simple. We want successful family service centers in every county.