Serving Alabama's Families
As a funder, what is the benefit of funding the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers or one of its members?

ANFRC has existed since 2000 with many of its members existing prior to the creation of the Network.  During these fifteen years we have built relationships across the state as a result of supporting our partners and serving our communities.  Through much hard work ANFRC has developed an excellent reputation. When you choose to fund an ANFRC project or one of its members, you can trust that every effort for success will be taken.

While any grantee must meet whatever requirements are placed on them by the Funder, ANFRC members adheres to the twenty-five standards that were enacted by the Alabama Legislature. Also members submit to a peer review process provided by other members of ANFRC.  Members have to prove every two years that they are adhering to the twenty-five legislated standards.

While funders do provide technical support for their grantees, members of ANFRC also benefit from relationships within the network.  The relationships provide an additional layer of supports. These supports could include website design, data collection assistance, and trainings on particular issues and needs.

Grassroots Approach
Every community has some points of commonality.  However, every community is uniquely different.  Members of ANFRC belong to the communities they serve.  They know the strengths and needs of that community because they are part of the community. They have local board of directors and ultimately accountable to the communities they serve.  We firmly believe that the best way to serve a community is from within the community.